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A Sanitary District is a special district, which is established by the governing body of a locality upon the petition of 50 qualified voters in the proposed district, or if the proposed district contains fewer than 100 qualified voters, upon the petition of 50% of the qualified voters in the proposed district. These districts are established to raise additional funds for the maintenance of roads and other items determined by the Property Owners Association, Homeowners Association, and/or other Community Association. The ordinance forming the district adopted by the Warren County Board of Supervisors indicates which lots are located in the district and how the funds are to be used. A proposed budget with associated tax rates is submitted to the Board of Supervisors, and after a public hearing, the Board of Supervisors would need to adopt the budget and tax rate as proposed.

The community's HOA/POA or other Association serves as an advisory group to the Warren County Board of Supervisors. If an HOA/POA or other Association does not exist and/or if multiple communities are encompassed within a Sanitary District, the Board of Supervisors will appoint an Advisory Board of property owners to represent the community's interests. Please remember that Real Estate Taxes are not to be confused with Sanitary District Taxes. These are two separate bills with different tax rates and amounts due. Failure to pay Sanitary District Taxes will result in a tax lien against the property. Sanitary District bills are combined with your regular Real Estate bills to prevent confusion and save postage.

For more information on sanitary districts, please view our Sanitary District Brochure.

For information packets related to a Homeowners' Association (HOA), Property Owners' Association (POA), or Community Association, please contact them directly by CLICKING HERE.

Sanitary Districts and Rates

The following are the Sanitary District rates for 2022:

Blue Mountain Sanitary District: $65.00 per lot plus $0.24 per $100 of assessed value on improvements

Cedarville Heights Sanitary District: $200.00 per lot

High Knob Sanitary District: $478.00 per unimproved lot; $773.00 per improved lot

Lake Front Royal Sanitary District: $410.00 per lot plus $0.05 per $100 of assessed value on improvements

Linden Heights Sanitary District: $375.00 per lot

Osprey Lane Sanitary District:  $100.00 per unimproved lot; $1,000 per improved lot

Riverside Sanitary District: $60.00 per lot plus $0.12 per $100 of assessed value on improvements

Shangri-La Sanitary District: $385.00 per lot

Shannon Woods Sanitary District: $300.00 per lot

Shenandoah Farms Sanitary District: $350.00 per lot

Shenandoah Shores Sanitary District: $120.00 per lot plus $0.20 per $100 of assessed value on improvements

Skyland Estates Sanitary District: $0.37 per $100 of assessed value of lot and improvements

South River Estates Sanitary District: $300.00 per lot plus $0.05 per $100 of assessed value on improvements

Wildcat Drive Sanitary District: $150.00 per unimproved lot; $400 per improved lot

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