Freedom of Information Act

Freedom of Information ActWhat is FOIA?
The Virginia Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) was enacted by the General Assembly to encourage transparency of government with citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia. 
Who can make a FOIA request?
Requests can be submitted to public entities by residents of the Commonwealth of Virginia and media representatives located in or that broadcast into Virginia. 
How does one make a FOIA request?
Citizens or media representatives may submit a request to the appropriate designated FOIA Officer via mail, email, phone call, or fax. The public entity is required to provide a response within five (5) business days.  If you would like to submit your request in writing you can use our written request form.
Requestors are also able to provide feedback regarding the quality of assistance they received in regard to their request for public records.  To submit feedback to the public body that is the subject of your comments and/or the Virginia Freedom of Information Advisory Council, please complete the Requester Public Comment Form.
Where does one make a FOIA request?
Please see the chart below to determine the appropriate FOIA Officer to whom the request should be sent:


  info (@)
  (540) 636-4600
  (540) 636-6066
  220 N. Commerce Avenue
     Front Royal, VA 22630

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