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Warren County CPMT Mission Statement and Philosophy
The mission of the Warren County CPMT is to create and maintain a collaborative system of services and funding in Warren County that is child-centered, family-focused and community-based when addressing the strengths and needs of troubled and at-risk youths and their families in the Commonwealth. In order to implement this mission, the CPMT will:
  • Ensure that services and funding are consistent with the Commonwealth's policies of preserving families and providing appropriate services in the least restrictive environment, while protecting the welfare of children and maintaining the safety of the public;
  • Identify and intervene early with young children and their families who are at risk of developing emotional or behavioral problems, or both, due to environmental, physical or psychological stress;
  • Design and provide services that are responsive to the unique and diverse strengths and needs of troubled youths and families;
  • Increase interagency collaboration and family involvement in service delivery and management;
  • Encourage a public and private partnership in the delivery of services to troubled and at-risk youths and their families; and
  • Provide communities flexibility in the use of funds and to authorize communities to make decisions and be accountable for providing services in concert with these purposes
The Warren County CPMT is committed to providing a quality system of care that empowers at-risk youth and their families to strengthen their wellbeing and family system. Cooperative and comprehensive planning, interagency collaboration, and the ongoing evaluation of programs are essential to the effective and efficient provision of services. The well-being of our future citizens is of concern not only to parents, service providers, and local governments, but to the community at large.
The process of identifying needs and developing and delivering services for children and youth identified as having or at risk of developing behavioral or emotional problems is improved by community engagement. Families should be fully involved in the assessment, planning, delivery, and evaluation of services to their children, and should assume the maximum possible responsibility and authority in the process of being served.
Major Principles and Values
The Warren County CPMT is committed to the identification, development and provision of resources and services needed by the children and families in Warren County. Together with families we will identify and build on family strengths and provide them with opportunities to participate in all decisions affecting the family. We will provide families with resources through supportive networks of relatives, resource families, neighbors and community services. To that end, the Warren CPMT adopts the following values:
  • Every child deserves a stable and nurturing family.
  • Children and families are best served by a collaborative system of care that focuses on prevention, builds on family strengths, and provides an integrated continuum of care in the communities where families reside.
  • Children that cannot be protected in their home must be placed in the most family like setting which meets their needs.
  • Children and families should be freely involved and share their needs, wants, and strengths in developing inclusive plans towards reaching permanency.
  • Children and families should have access to services tailored to meet their unique strengths and changing needs. Services are to be sensitive and responsive to cultural differences, meet special requirements, and demonstrate positive outcomes for the child.
  • Strong communities help support families by widening the infrastructure of accessible services designed to assist children and families.
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