Warren County Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Plan of Warren County serves as the official policy guide for future development-related decisions. It is a long-range tool that provides a vision of how the community wishes to develop over the next 15 to 20 years.

As a policy document, the Comprehensive Plan offers a framework that helps residents and decision-makers conceptualize the future look and function of the County. Each chapter of the Plan identifies implementation strategies that can be applied to accomplish the goals and objectives of any specific topic addressed in the Plan.

Purposes of the Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Plan serves multiple purposes:

  • It acts as a guide for public and private decisions that will shape the future of the County.
  • It promotes the interests of the entire community.
  • It enhances, describes, and promotes the County’s physical environment.
  • It aids in developing a coordinated, well-planned system of public services.
  • It allows for the evaluation of short-term actions against long-term goals.
  • It recognizes the natural resources, historical, and architectural significance of Warren County and the surrounding area so that they can be more effectively preserved, protected, and integrated into an orderly pattern of development.
  • It fulfills the legal requirement of Chapter 11, Title 15.1 of the Code of Virginia.

The overall goal of the Comprehensive Plan is to maintain and enhance the quality and character of Warren County’s natural and man-made environment by promoting the efficient use and conservation of the County’s land and natural resources. This is to effectively meet the social and economic needs of present and future citizens.

Components of the Plan

The components of the Comprehensive Plan are broken out by chapter, in PDF form, for easy readability and printing. The maps associated with each chapter have also been included.

For more detailed information, you can access the components of the plan on the official Warren County website.

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