Board of Building Code Appeals

Board of Building Code Appeals

The Warren County Board of Building Code Appeals reviews appeals related to building code requirements and modifications.

Filing an Appeal

If you disagree with a building code decision or want to request a modification, you can appeal to the Board of Building Code Appeals. To file an appeal:

  • Complete an application from the Building Inspections Department
  • Submit the application to the Building Inspections Department

Board Meetings

The Board meets as needed at 3:00 PM in the Warren County Government Center. Applicants must attend the meeting to present their appeal. Appeals may be denied or postponed if the applicant is not present. 

Contact Information

For questions, contact the Warren County Building Inspections Department at (540) 636-9973.

AGENDA - April 21, 2022 Meeting

AGENDA - July 28, 2022 Meeting

Board of Building Code Appeals

The Board has 5 members with 4-year staggered terms starting on October 1.

George E. Cline, Jr., Chairman 
Arthur Saffelle, Vice-Chairman 
Paul Castle 
Dan J. Hotek
Thomas McFadden 
D. Wendell Hatcher, Alternate

Terms of the members of the Board of Building Code Appeals are staggered and four (4) years in length beginning October 1st.

  (540) 636-4600
  (540) 636-6066
  220 N. Commerce Avenue
     Front Royal, VA 22630

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