What are the benefits of being a Sanitary District?

Becoming a Sanitary District offers numerous advantages to its residents, including:

  • Maintaining the privacy of infrastructure such as roads.
  • Setting uniform fees for the entire subdivision.
  • Subjecting all lots, including those owned by developers, to district taxes.
  • Collecting taxes by the Warren County Treasurer's Office at a reduced fee.
  • Treating district fees as taxes, which can be tax-deductible.
  • Collecting district taxes with county taxes for most homeowners.
  • Introducing a tiered tax system, imposing lower rates on undeveloped plots.
  • Requiring builders to pay impact fees before granting a building permit.
  • Access to State and Federal disaster relief funds.
  • Generating additional revenue for community enhancements.
  • Avoiding the need for placing property liens for unpaid district taxes.

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