Accounts Payable

The accounts payable division is responsible for processing invoices promptly for all departments under Warren County including the Warren County Economic Development Authority (EDA), and Volunteer Fire and Rescue Companies.

Accounts Payable also serves as the Purchasing Card (P-Card) Administration Team. The County of Warren’s preferred payment method is the VISA purchasing card to reduce the volume of accounts payable transactions and improve procurement efficiency.  This improves administrative efficiency by consolidating multiple vendor payments and reducing associated costs.

Using a purchasing card for purchases improves cash flow for both Warren County and the vendor. The Federal Government has used credit cards to purchase small dollar items since 1986. Similar programs in state, local, and commercial applications have been very successful. The resulting efficiencies include lower per-purchase transaction costs, faster vendor payment, reduced accounting effort, and more accurate records.

Checks are processed weekly, and P-card payments are processed around the 28th of each month.

For payment by Thursday, all county departments including the EDA, and Volunteer Fire and Rescue companies have a deadline of Tuesday at 5:00 p.m. to submit invoices or vouchers to Finance. 

In addition, the Accounts Payable division is responsible for maintaining vendor listings, reconciling statements, and reporting 1099’s to the IRS.

All vendors conducting business with The County of Warren and EDA must have a W-9 on file with the Accounts Payable division.

  1. Ivy Thompson

    Senior Accounts Coordinator