Volunteer Auxiliary or Reserve Deputy Sheriffs

Warren County, Virginia - Important Forms and Guidelines

Obtain essential forms at the Warren County Sheriff's Office within the Public Safety Building, situated at 200 Skyline Vista Drive.

Tax Reduction Guidelines: To benefit from the tax reduction, ensure:

  1. The form is completed accurately.
  2. It bears the certified signature of the Warren County Sheriff.
  3. Submit it to the Commissioner of Revenue's office by January 31 each year.

Motor Vehicle License/Decal Fee Exemption Details: Volunteer Auxiliary Officers and Reserve Deputy Sheriffs:

  1. Ensure you have the gold copy of the form.
  2. Submit it to the Treasurer's Office between January 15th and February 15th.

Warren County Vehicle Code Overview:

Motor vehicles owned by appointed volunteer auxiliary or reserve deputy sheriffs may be eligible for special classification. To qualify:

  1. The vehicle must be regularly used by the officer responding to auxiliary or reserve deputy sheriff duties.
  2. Officers applying for this classification should identify the specific vehicle.
  3. Provide the Commissioner of Revenue with a certification from the appointing official.
  4. This certification should confirm the applicant's role and affirm that the vehicle is regularly used for the stated duties.

Note: This code addition was made on August 15, 2000.