Public Works

Warren County Public Works Department: Maintaining, Enhancing, and Serving


The Public Works Department stands as a pillar of Warren County's infrastructural and operational excellence. Dedicated to ensuring the community thrives in a well-maintained, safe, and efficient environment, we are the driving force behind the County's key facilities and operations.

Core Areas of Focus

  1. Waste Management: We oversee solid waste management, ensuring clean and eco-friendly disposal practices.
  2. Streets and Highways: Managing E911 signs.
  3. Sanitary Districts: Our expanding role in multiple sanitary districts, maintaining roads.
  4. Facilities Management: We take pride in the upkeep of all County facilities. From buildings to grounds, our aim is to provide a space that's not only safe and free from hazards but also inviting and efficient for both employees and citizens.
  5. Routine Maintenance & Janitorial Services: Beyond the aesthetics, we are committed to ensuring the longevity and pristine condition of the County's facilities with comprehensive maintenance and cleaning services.

Our responsibilities encompass the seamless administration and supervision of daily operations across the above facets including:

  • Solid Waste Collection & Disposal
  • Buildings and Grounds Maintenance
  • Closed Landfill Activities
  • E911 Signage Program
  • Sanitary District Program
    • Maintenance of Roads
    • Snow and Ice Removal
    • Emergency Repairs due to Storm Damages
  • Budgeting
  • Human Resource Management