Warren County Dog Park

Eastham Park Dog Park in Warren County: A Haven for Your Furry Friends

Trees at Eastham ParkNestled in the scenic Eastham Park of Warren County, the Dog Park sits where Luray Avenue meets the serene Shenandoah River in Front Royal. It's designed with every dog in mind:

  • A 0.75-acre section specially tailored for smaller, older, or timid dogs.
  • An expansive 1.90-acre space ensures larger dogs have ample room to frolic freely.

This dog-friendly haven was realized through the joint efforts of Warren County and the Warren County Dog Park Association (WCDPA). The WCDPA, a dedicated 501(c)(3) organization, was initiated by dog enthusiasts keen on fostering off-leash recreation in our community.

Join us and let your canine companion experience open-air joy!

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Warren County Dog Park: Where Canine Companions Thrive

The introduction of the Dog Park in Warren County has been met with widespread enthusiasm. Its advantages are manifold:

  • Freedom for Dogs: Offering off-leash socialization, it caters to canines of all sizes and ages, ensuring safe outdoor adventures.
  • Support for Owners: It's an excellent exercise alternative, especially for elderly individuals who might struggle to walk dogs on a leash.
  • Community Building: Research underscores that such facilities foster stronger connections among pet owners, boost overall fitness levels as people are more inclined to engage in physical activities with their pets, and advocate for responsible pet ownership.

Currently, the Dog Park is in its initial development phase. Exciting future enhancements, like agility equipment, are on the horizon. For those eager to contribute to its expansion, fundraising efforts are underway. Please reach out to WCDPA's President, Kelly Walker by email. You can also stay updated by following the WCDPA Facebook page.

Prioritizing Safety: To ensure an enjoyable experience for all, Warren County has established clear Dog Park Rules and Etiquette. These are displayed at the Dog Park's entrance and can also be accessed via the tabs above.

Join us and discover the joy of shared experiences with your furry friend!