Protective Orders

Protective Orders aim to keep aggressors away from their victims or would be victims. There are three levels of Protective Orders:

  • Emergency Protective Orders (EPO) are only good for 72 hours from the time of issuance. EPO's are issued by the Magistrate.
  • Preliminary Protective Order (PPO) is good until the issuance of an Order of Protection or denial or Denial of Protective Order. PPO's can be obtained through Juvenile and Domestic Relations or General District Court depending on the circumstances.
  • Order of Protection (OOP) is generally good for 2 years unless otherwise indicated by the issuing judge. An Order of Protection-Child Order is good until the 18th birthday of the protected juvenile.

A Protective Order can be denied (Denial Protective Order) for several reasons or dismissed (Dismissal Protective Orders) by order of the court with no exceptions.

To obtain an Emergency Protective Order you will need to go before the Magistrate or to obtain a Preliminary Protective Order you will need to go to the courthouse.

Protective Order Brochure (PDF)