Certified Crime Prevention

Certified Crime Prevention Community Program

Program Elements

There are 12 core elements and 7 optional elements that comprise our program plan. Additionally, there are other optional programs and initiatives that may become a part of the program.

12 - Core Community Safety Elements

  1. Community Advisory Council (CAC)
  2. DCJS Certified Crime Prevention Specialist
  3. Neighborhood Watch Program
  4. Community Policing/Crime Control Planning Process
  5. Organized Distribution of Community Safety Information
  6. Community Safety/Risk Assessments
  7. Crime Analyst
  8. Comprehensive School Safety Audit
  9. Business Outreach Program
  10. Organized Referral Process for Crime Victims
  11. Youth Delinquency Prevention Program
  12. VLEPSC Accreditation

WCSO - Optional Safety Elements, Programs, and Services

  1. D.A.R.E.
  2. Triad / SA.L.T. Council
  3. National Night Out
  4. SRO Program
  5. Crime Prevention Speaker's Bureau
  6. Annual Crime Prevention Awards
  7. Community Leaders and Groups Contact List

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