Front Royal-Warren County Joint Towing Board


Our board comprises seven dedicated members representing a cross-section of our community: three law enforcement officers (one each from the Sheriff's Office, Police Department, and Virginia State Police), three representatives from local towing and recovery businesses, and one citizen representative.

Meet the Team:

  • Alan Crawford, Midway Towing
  • Gloria Knott, Keen's Towing and Hauling
  • Louis Tharpe, Tharpe's Garage and Towing
  • Captain Robert Mumaw, Warren County Sheriff's Office
  • Captain Jason Ryman, Front Royal Police Department
  • Sergeant Brian Davis, Virginia State Police
  • Christian Downs, Citizen representative 

For the 2022 calendar year, the following officers were nominated and appointed by the Tow Board:

  • Captain Robert Mumaw, Chairman
  • Gloria Knott, Vice-Chair
  • Sergeant David Fogle, Secretary


Established in 2017 through identical ordinances adopted by the Warren County Board of Supervisors and Front Royal Town Council, our mandate is to consider applications from towing recovery businesses looking to be added to our trusted towing list. This list is used by the Warren County Sheriff's Office, Town of Front Royal Police Department, and Virginia State Police when they need to call a towing operator to the scene of an accident or incident.

County Code

View the Warren County Code Section that authorized our formation. Similarly, find the Town of Front Royal Municipal Code Section (PDF) (please scroll to page 27).

Submit a Regulation Violation

If you believe a violation of our regulations has occurred, we encourage you to file a complaint against the towing operator. To do this, please download the complaint form (PDF), complete it, and return it to our Secretary either via email or in person at the Warren County Administration Office. Rest assured, all complaints will be thoroughly investigated by the Joint Towing Board.

Thank you for your interest in the Front Royal-Warren County Joint Towing Board. We're here to ensure safe and reliable towing services for our community.

Joint Towing Board Documents