Children's Services Act (CSA) Office

Warren County Children's Services Act (CSA) Department: Supporting At-Risk Youth and Families

Department Overview: Established in 1993, the Children's Services Act (CSA) represents a landmark initiative aimed at consolidating state and local resources to support at-risk youth and their families in Warren County and throughout the Commonwealth.

Our Core Principles

  • Unified Funding: CSA brings together state and local funds into a singular pool, ensuring streamlined allocation and utilization for youth services.
  • Local Oversight: The funds are diligently managed by local interagency teams. These teams not only plan but also monitor the services provided to the youth, ensuring they are tailored to local needs.
  • Collaborative Approach: The CSA is built on collaboration. By uniting different agencies, we foster a system that is both child-centered and family-focused.
  • Community-Based Services: With an emphasis on community, we ensure that the solutions devised are rooted in local insights, addressing the unique challenges faced by our youth and families.