Snow Removal Information

2022 to 2023 Winter Snow Season

Shenandoah Farms Sanitary District Snow Response Plan

As winter approaches, we urge everyone to prioritize safety, especially during adverse weather conditions. Here's what you can expect from our snow removal operations:

  1. Priority Areas: Main roadways in the Shenandoah Farms Sanitary District will be our first focus. We'll attend to side streets and cul-de-sacs as soon as possible.
  2. Response Time: Our aim is to clear every road within the Sanitary District within 48 hours post-storm. However, each snow event is unique, and we appreciate your patience.
  3. Icy Conditions: We'll continuously treat icy hills and curves until they're safe. Given the fluctuating temperatures, especially in higher altitudes, always drive as if roads are untreated.
  4. VDOT's Role: This season, VDOT will handle snow removal for the 5.0 miles of routes they maintain within the SFSD.

Winter Safety Tips

  1. Stay Home: If possible, avoid traveling during and right after a snowstorm. This helps us clear roads faster.
  2. Driving Precautions: If you must drive, consider using 4WD and tire chains for safer travel.
  3. Parking: Avoid parking on roads or road shoulders. It obstructs snow removal, risking towing at your expense. Similarly, refrain from parking in cul-de-sacs or turnarounds.
  4. Private Driveways: We won't clear private driveways or assist with stuck vehicles. Snow may accumulate at your driveway's entrance due to our plowing direction. We apologize for any inconvenience but cannot assist with clearing entrances.
  5. Chemical Restrictions: Please don't use salt, calcium chloride, or other melting agents on unpaved roads or parking lots. They damage the roads and are costly to repair. For traction, you may use rock chips VDOT Number 8, sand grade B, or VDOT Number 10 dust. However, avoid plowing or placing abrasives on Sanitary District Roads.

Updates & Communication

  1. The Deputy Director of Public Works will issue Snow Operations Reports at 9 am and 9 pm during Snow Emergencies. These will be available on the Warren County Government Website.

Operational Details

  1. Our snow operations team for the 22/23 season consists of 4 members. Their shifts are determined by the latest NWS storm forecast from Sterling, Virginia. For safety, crews work 14-hour shifts with a 6-hour break. We aim for 24/7 coverage, prioritizing safety.
  2. Equipment includes 3 Plow/Spreader trucks, 1 JD Backhoe, 1 NorAm Motor Grader, and 2 4WD Tractors. Additionally, GEI Inc. is equipped for heavy snow removal during significant events.

Stay safe and informed this winter season.