Commissioner of the Revenue


The Commissioner of the Revenue is the chief tax assessing officer of the local government. It is an elected office.  The existence of this position is set forth in the Constitution of Virginia, and so is called a Constitutional Office.  The Commissioner of the Revenue serves a four-year term at the pleasure of the voters.

Through its comprehensive range of services, the Commissioner of the Revenue ensures fair and efficient tax administration, contributing significantly to the economic health of Warren County.

The Warren County Commissioner of the Revenue Office is accredited by the Commissioners of the Revenue Association of Virginia for Continued Excellence since the 2019 induction and for the 5th consecutive year.


The Commissioner of the Revenue is responsible for overseeing and administering tax assessments for:

  • Property Tax: personal property,  machinery & tools, aircraft, mobile homes, emergency services, contract carrier
  • Business Tax: license, consumer tax, transient occupancy, food & beverage, business equipment, and bank franchise tax
  • Real Estate Tax:  real estate, relief programs for elderly and disabled, veterans, public service, mineral, and land use