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Welcome to Warren County, Virginia – a captivating region boasting a rich tapestry of five distinct magisterial districts: North River, Shenandoah, Fork, South River, and Happy Creek. Our county takes pride in its democratic spirit, with each district electing a representative who comes together to form the esteemed Board of Supervisors. This esteemed body is entrusted with the pivotal responsibility of shaping policies that govern and uplift the county.

To ensure seamless execution of these policies, a proficient County Administrator diligently oversees and implements them, ensuring the well-being and progress of our community. As we embrace the future with determination and innovation, our county seat, Front Royal, serves as the heart of our administrative endeavors.

Warren County is much more than just a picturesque landscape; it is a place where democracy thrives, and decisions are made with the utmost care and consideration. Together, with our dedicated representatives and capable County Administrator, we continue to chart a promising path for our beloved county's prosperity.

Whether you seek to explore the wonders of our natural treasures, engage in our vibrant community, or seek opportunities to invest and grow, Warren County, Virginia, eagerly awaits your presence. So, dive into the Warren County experience and discover a world of possibilities in this haven nestled in the embrace of the Shenandoah Valley.

For further details or to embark on your Warren County VA search, don't hesitate to connect with our knowledgeable team, who are always ready to assist you in making the most informed decisions for your ventures or your future home. Welcome to Warren County – where heritage meets progress, and the spirit of democracy illuminates the path ahead.

Board of Supervisors Meeting

Meetings & Events

6 Dec
FAPT Meeting
12.06.2023 1:00 pm
12 Dec
Board of Supervisors Meeting
12.12.2023 7:00 pm
13 Dec
FAPT Meeting
12.13.2023 1:00 pm
13 Dec

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